The Dreams And Aspirations Of A Horse Called Peter- Greg Eason solo exhibition.

Peter lives a simple life, eating, sleeping, and rolling in dirt. For the most part he lives in solitude, but from time to time he enjoys the company of a chicken, also called Peter, and a shrimp, called Petr. On sunny days they meet on their favourite grassy hilltop, sit together, drink beer and watch the sun set. Conversation darts from ‘understanding the complex notion of haircuts from the viewpoint of decapod crustaceans’ to ‘fartlek running’. Petr talks a bit too fast most of the time, but it’s okay.
They are very much content with everything, but often talk about what it would be like to do things away from their humble surroundings of meadows and streams, to try things that are mostly physically impossible to them. They dream.

This exhibition presents some of Peter’s dreams and aspirations, including: Discovering the ability to play golf, winning a really good golf tournament, celebrating with Petr*, meeting new horses on a really good golf tournament, vacationing in the Alps, vacationing in Hawaii, and yachting in the South of France.**

*Peter’s friends are depicted throughout the show.

**Mostly using paint on canvas and pencil on paper throughout the show.

Please email [email protected] to register your interest or request a preview of works.