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Signatures 2 Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 11.17.00Please join us for the Signature Magazine pop up launch and exhibition. The gallery will be open to the public 12-4pm with free admission. The magazine private launch will take place 6-9pm by invitation only.

Signatures is an independent bi-annual print magazine that explores passion, process and pursuit in Ghana’s local and international creative scene.

Conceived and self-published by Julian and Jason Nicco-Annan, Signatures highlights emerging and established writers, artists, photographers, musicians and upcoming personalities of Ghanaian and African origin that are working endlessly on their craft.

The magazine includes well curated long-form interviews and content that focus on the practical side of creativity: the process, the passion, the pursuit, and the challenges faced in between.

Combining engaging content and quality writing with exceptional photography, we aim to curate a publication that documents Ghanaian art, music and fashion, as well as provide practical information that aspiring creatives can learn from people who have turned their dreams into reality.

Signatures is more than just an art magazine that highlights people or product; it explores the process, passions, and struggles of creative individuals to make their art – their signature statement.